My father

          Who do you look up to? Everyone has at least one person in their life that they look up to, or want to be like in the future. It could be someone famous with great skills, someone like J.K Rowling, a famous writer, or someone like Albert Einstein, who changed the world with his smarts. Hi, my name is Grace and today I will be telling you about who I look up to, and I’ll explain I look up to them. Personally, I look up to my dad the most, which might surprise some people as most people don’t appreciate their parents enough. The main reasons why I look up to him are because he is hard working, he is smart, and because he is supportive. He’s the best dad I could ask for, and I’ll explain why I’m thankful for him and why I look up to him, and why you should be thankful of your parents as well, as they most likely share the same traits.


I look up to my dad because he is hard working, and your parents most likely are as well, though you might not realize it. My dad works three jobs, as he is a real estate agent, sometimes a coder and he’s written a few books. I find the fact that he can work all these jobs to support our family pretty impressive. I find the fact that everyone’s parents are mostly able to work a job to support their own families impressive! This is especially after I tried working at newspaper delivering, and realized how hard it is to work a job. If you haven’t tried working a job before, you might not find it impressive, but I’m sure you’ll change your mind once you do, and find more respect for your parents.


My dad is smart. He is able to help explain my work to me, and he knows the answer to any question I ask him! I will need to read many books and absorb a lot of knowledge before I can become as smart as he is! He talks about how he studied so much in the past, and the ways he studied make me feel lazy! We really should be grateful that we live in a time where we can be lazy, and we don’t have to do so much work. I’m grateful for being born in this generation.


          Finally, my dad is supportive. I’ve already gone over how he works hard to support my family, but he also supports me emotionally. He encourages me to try new things, he helps me with my work if I don’t understand it too. He’s extremely supportive, as parents tend to be, and I appreciate this, though you might not and you might think that it is annoying. I’m thankful that he supports me in whatever I do, and I’m thankful that he helps me with my friendships, as he helped bring me and my friends together in the past.

          In conclusion, my dad is like both J.K. Rowling and Albert Einstein, as he is both a writer and he’s really smart! I look up to my dad because he is hard working, he is smart, and because he is supportive. These traits probably show up in your parents as well, but you might not appreciate it as much as I do. You might not look up to or appreciate your parents, but just know that you will in the future. You might hate your parents irrationally for now, but just know that you should appreciate them more. Appreciate them while you can, and be happy that you have great parents. 

This article is written by my daughter Yaya when she was 12 years old.

2022 Yaya in Toronto

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星期日的早上,一口气读完了所有章节,受益匪浅!感触颇多: 没有人天生就会做父母, 我们都是第一次做父母。合上这本书, 丫丫怕洗头、丫丫讲故事、丫丫被欺凌、丫丫赚零花钱等等一些细节历历在目, 父母在丫丫成长过程中的参与、介入、帮助、支持、放手都是那么的恰当好处, 不多不少刚刚好, 这个分寸的拿捏、这个火候的控制真的值得我们学习借鉴。陪伴孩子成长过程中、仅仅用心爱他 / 她们是远远不够的, 过火了容易溺爱, 严厉了又忍不住打骂。像丫丫爸爸一样, 首先学习做父母, 反思介入孩子成长的分寸、尺度, 做恰到好处的父母! --- Carrie

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